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Experience authentic culinary experiences you will never forget; every time you come back to this blessed land called Greece, there will always be something new waiting for you to discover, experience and enjoy!


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  • This was a wonderful day! Every stop was amazing and delicious!
    Maria made our day so special! From start to finish, perfect!

    - Traditional Food tour in Kalamata, Elizabeth & friends
  • This was a peak experience in our time in Greece.
    Maria was a knowledgably, well-spoken delightful guide. Our tour was just our small group
    which made it feel so special. She is a kind person. I just can't say enough good things!

    - Traditional Food tour in Kalamata, Messinia, Pam & friends, USA
  • We had the most wonderful day! An interactive, hands-on experience
    in the most beautiful setting. Our food was fun to prepare and delicious to enjoy with wine.
    A MUST-DO experience!

    - Cooking class & full lunch in an olive grove, Messinia: Katarina & friends, USA

  • By the end of the experience, Maria had become a family friend.
    If you are visiting Kalamata, this is a must.
    And do yourself a favor—make sure you also arrange to have
    the full lunch added to the tour. You won’t regret it!

    - Olive oil tour & full lunch in Kalamata, Messinia: Kirk & family, USA

  • We definitely learned the difference between different olive oils
    and will never look at olive oil the same! It was such a fun time. I would recommend
    that you take this tour and any other tour that Maria offers!
    Thank you so much for the lovely tour!

    - Olive oil tour & full lunch in Kalamata, Messinia: Hayley USA

  • My wife and I took part in Mama’s Flavours Private Cooking class in Kalamata
    with Chef Christos and it was the most enjoyable part of our vacation in Greece! Maria
    and Chef Christos are so welcoming and friendly that they made us feel at home and comfortable!

    - Cooking class & private dining with Head chef in Kalamata, Messinia, Mick & Marla, Australia

  • OMG Maria was fabulous! The concept of her business was fantastic.
    We felt we experienced a completely unique part of Greece that we wouldn’t have done without her!

    - Olive oil tour & full lunch in Kalamata, Messinia, Laurie USA

  • We had an amazing time with Maria who showed us the best of Kalamata and its food scene.
    We loved learning how to make lalagia and trying traditional food from Messinia!

    - Traditional Food tour experience in Kalamata, Dominic & Josephine, Canada & Denmark

  • Our meeting with Maria, was exceptional, she is so knowledgeable and friendly
    and made us not want the tour to be over. Far exceeded our expectations,
    expected a group tour but it was a personal private tour just for us!

    - Traditional Food tour experience in Kalamata, Diana & Alexandros Prague

  • We LOVED our tour with Maria! Also, this tour is extremely kid friendly.
    Maria was so kind and engaging to my children.
    Many tours say they are okay with children but actually aren't. This one is!

    - Οlive oil tour & tasting with lunch in Kalamata: Andrew & Andrea’s family




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