Welcome to mama’s flavours! Let’s get acquainted!

We are Maria, Giannis, Polyanna, Robert, Lefteris and Vasiliki, a team of six people with a passion for Greek gastronomy and Greek tradition. And it was this same passion that led to the creation of mama's flavours!


How the journey began

Back in 2014, while watching a TV show about how local products were made in a remote Greek village in northern Greece, I, Maria, started to wonder, "How can one promote the rich gastronomy and unique hospitality of Greece?"

The answer was simple: through our best ambassadors, of course, the Greek women of the countryside! With this extremely beautiful thought in mind, I came up with the idea of Hippolyte-mama's flavours!

Although I had no money to get started, I didn’t want to wait to make my dream come true. Against all odds, I dared and created a strong team, armed with great optimism and stubborn perseverance, one step at a time. 

In 2018, we formed a Social Enterprise called Hippolyte-mama's flavours!


What our name stands for

Why Hippolyte? In classical Greek mythology, Hippolyte was the Amazonian queen who possessed a magical belt that signified her authority as queen of the Amazons.

For us, Hippolyte is a symbol of primordial power and a source of creation, expressed through Greek women, who are the guardians of the Greek tradition! 

Why mama's flavours? Because there is nothing better than our mum's authentic flavours!


What we do

Using the Greek mother as our centrepiece, we worked with local women producers and entrepreneurs to create unique gastronomic tours, starting from the beautiful region of Messinia!

Whether from Greece or abroad, our guests are able to experience the unique Greek hospitality through selected gastronomic excursions and agrotouristic activities tailored to their needs, all designed by the Hippolyte-mama's flavours team.

For our next step, we are thinking of combining these wonderful activities with products made by women producers, which will be sold through our dedicated e-shop.

Our vision

Our vision is to send Greek gastronomy on a trip around the world, creating unforgettable experiences of authentic Greek hospitality for our visitors, guided by the loving care of Greek mothers.

We want Hippolyte-mama's flavours to become synonymous to culinary tours in the Greek countryside, expanding our network of partners to include women entrepreneurs from every corner of Greece.

What the activities include

Visits to women's cooperatives and small producers; harvesting of fruits and vegetables from local fields and gardens; cooking classes with local chefs and the Greek mums; walking tours to olive groves and visits to traditional olive mills combined with olive oil tastings; visits to local wineries and wine tastings, distilleries, dairy farms, beekeepers and ecofriendly farms; tours of small Greek villages and traditional workshops; tasting traditional handmade products and homemade delicious food made by locals: these are just some of the wonderful things we will do, along with Greek mums!

Join us to:

  • Discover the Greek gastronomy and taste unique flavours, just like the ones you would taste if you were invited to eat a meal made by a Greek mother or grandmother at a village in Greece.
  • Discover traditional, old secret recipes with strong elements of each region’s local identity, to make the most delicious food you've ever tasted.
  • Pick fresh fruit and vegetables from the gardens, learn how to make a filo pastry, delicious Greek pies and traditional desserts.
  • Collect fresh eggs and milk from village animals, and learn how to cook delicious local dishes that will take your tasting experience to another level.
  • Walk around small Greek villages enjoying the Greek hospitality offered by authentic people of the countryside.
  • Visit unique places, each one with its own history lost in time, walking through Greek nature and admiring landscapes of unparalleled beauty.
  • Experience authentic culinary experiences you will never forget; every time you come back to this blessed land called Greece, there will always be something new waiting for you to discover, experience and enjoy.


Our Green Philosophy

  • We ensure that 95% of products and ingredients that we use are local, Greek, organic, or labelled Protected designation of origin (PDO) or Protected geographical indication (PGI).
  • We emphasize local culture with a focus on local gastronomy, traditional products, local recipes, and heritage of our region.
  • We collaborate as much as possible (or exclusively) with local suppliers.
  • We hire as much as possible employees from the region so that we can support the local economy.
  • We familiarize our clients with the region’s biodiversity and how to protect it (e.g. by not picking endangered herbs or plants).
  • We feature plenty of vegetarian and vegan food which is has a lower environmental impact than meat and is more resource efficient.
  • Instead of red meat, we focus more on fish or options as they have less of an impact on the environment.
  • We prefer smaller dairy farms (rather than larger dairy industries) as they tend to raise their animals in better conditions. We insist on dealing with farms that have free range animals and farms that treat their animals humanely.
  • We do not use canned food, hydrogenated fat or products with additives.
  • We prefer to cook on real flame ovens (rather than electric ovens) as they are more energy efficient and ensure a more authentic flavor.
  • We prefer (filtered) tap water to bottled water.
  • The oil we use is 100% extra virgin olive oil from our region.
  • We recycle leftover food, either by composting it or by feeding it to our farm animals, in addition to recycling our frying oil.
  • We reduce as much as possible the use of plastic and especially single-use plastic in our operations.
  • We recycle all waste, as well as old electric appliances and equipment.
  • Our green philosophy is clearly displayed on our website and communicated to all our partners.
  • We belong to the Greek “We do Local” network which supports the local economy and local production and we are a member of Ecotourism Greece, the first ecotourism network in Greece.

Mama's flavours Acknowledgment of Sustainable
Tourism Practices by Ecotourism Greece




Our Team

Maria Monastirioti

Founder & Managing director

Mama's flavours has been so far a creative challenge and adventure that I fell in love with and wish to share with everyone! Greek gastronomy is endless and unique, ''dressed'' with the authentic Greek hospitality of the simple people of the rural: mamas and yiayias (grandmothers)...!

Polianna Dokopoulou

Computer Programmer

Even though my profession is irrelevant to tourism, Mama's flavours was proved one of the most interesting projects I have ever dealt with. The visitors who come to our blessed country, Greece, will have the chance to live unforgettable moments, especially when join our exciting tours!

Robert Zervos

Photography - Video - Graphic design

My long experience in Greece and abroad not only in my profession but also in marketing and enterprises, taught me that all things need time. Mama's flavours is one of the things that after a long period of preparation is now ready to start its ''journey''. I love being a part of it!

Lefteris Babasis

Economist - Consultant

I met Maria Monastirioti 8 years ago, at the early beginning of the project of Mama's flavours. I decided to support the project voluntarily with all my strength because I was so impressed with her passion and enthusiasm. Mama's flavours is a perfect example of gastronomy tourism in Greece!


Vasiliki Spanou

Professional English teacher

When Maria told me about Mama's flavours idea, I felt so excited! As a professional English teacher with special education in people with impaired vision & hearing, I will support the project and provide my experience & knowledge with great pleasure!

Giannis Kleftakis

Assistant Manager

Being an Assistant Manager in Mama' flavours although is a demanding task, I never thought that it won't work. Mama's flavours is a dynamic idea, a step forward to gastronomy tourism. I am sure that our visitors will also feel it when they come to Greece and participate in our exciting tours!

Thank You for your Support!

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