Wonderful host and amazing experience
What a wonderful host and amazing tour! Honestly can’t recommend Maria more, she was such a lovely lady with great knowledge and made us feel comfortable. The whole experience was informative and we learnt so much.
This is appropriate for adults and families. Thank you Maria for such an enjoyable experience and we will try out your cookie recipe you recommended. If we come back to the area we will be sure to try out one of your cooking classes.

Catherine, Nick & Felicity (kid), USA - 17.08.2023

Tour: Olive Oil Tour & Tasting with Light Lunch in Kalamata, Messinia


Our answer:We also thank you Catherine so much for your nice words; we really enjoyed the time and the olive oil tasting experience with you and your wonderful family! We were so impressed seeing your lovely daughter participating in the whole experience with such enthusiasm and engaging way!
You were all so kind and please send me your impressions about the cookie recipe when you make them; and remember: instead of butter or margarine use only extra virgin olive oil!


Olive Oil, Knowledge and Great EVOO and Food Experience!
“Wonderful” and “Amazing” are the first two words that come to mind in reviewing our olive oil experience. Understanding the history of the craft of making EVOO and seeing the equipment and being able to see the tools used in the process, demystified and helped to understand the pressing process.
The second stop of the experience, the tasting with George and Kelly was perfect! George is a luminary in the olive oil business, and him taking the time to talk through the samples, explain how to taste and the different characteristics was so fulfilling for us! They even added a little bit of honey to the end of the tasting to make our time together extra sweet.
Maria wrapped up the experience with a wonderful “light” lunch of five courses. We didn’t need dinner and the food and Maria’s wonderful attentiveness were just amazing.
Overall, while we went for an olive oil education, we feel as if we came away with SO much more. Knowledge and appreciation of the art, and three new friends in Maria, George and Kelly!

Michelle & Scott, USA - 16.08.2023

Tour: Olive Oil Tour & Tasting with Full Lunch in Kalamata, Messinia


Our answer:We really thank you for your kind words and for your great review! Every experience we organize is a very serious theme and no matter how many times we did it before, we always try and do the best we can in order to create for you something very special and unique which will exceed your expectations. And based on your review, that happened!
Well, about the food, we "apologize", :) we forgot to…warn you that you will feel so full that you won’t need dinner! Thank you so much Michelle and Scott, I really appreciated your ideas and suggestions on how to develop more Mama’s flavours project!!


Amazing Olive Oil Experience!!!
Maria gave my wife and I an unforgettable experience. We had an amazing time learning about olive oils and eating incredible food. She could not have been nicer and the setting was amazing......thank you!!!!

Jonathan & Linda, USA - 15.08.2023

Tour: Olive Oil Tour & Tasting & Light Lunch in an Olive Grove, Messinia


Our answer:The truth is that organizing an olive oil tour experience along with the locals and under the shade of the perennial olive trees and the pure sounds of nature is something we also love to do! .
Your smiles and the enthusiasm you had during the whole experience gave us and our trusted partner so much strength and happiness. And the food was just a light lunch; I can imagine your surprise and your impressions the next time for the full lunch! A great thank you from our hearts, Jonathan and Linda, we are looking forward to your next visit in Messinia, Greece!


Making a friend for life!
OMG Maria was fabulous. The concept of her business was fantastic. We felt we experienced a completely unique part of Greece that we wouldn’t have done without her.
She goes out of her way to be informative and to experience the Greek culture. All the details she put into our visit was greatly appreciated. Maria is so personable, we feel we’ve made a friend for life!

Laurie, Juli, Mia, USA - 06.08.2023

Tour: Olive Oil Tour & Full Lunch in Kalamata, Messinia


Our answer:3 new friends also for us my dear Laurie! What a nice experience that day with all of you! When my guests ask me to share with them the whole concept, the true story of Mama’s flavours and how I started, makes me so proud and happy narrating it.
As we always say to you, our wonderful guests: "Mama’s flavours does not have clients; we welcome visitors and guests and at the end they turn into friends for us, and we for them.." Thank you so much!!


Olive oil and food tasting in Kalamata
Maria at Mama's Flavours is absolutely amazing! We had a wonderful experience on our tour in Kalamata, it was one of the highlights of our trip to Greece. She is knowledgeable, interesting to chat with and so funny! My husband and I felt like we were spending the day with a family member!

Jennifer & Steve, USA - 20.07.2023

Tour: Traditional Food Tour in Kalamata, Messinia


Our answer:Jennifer & Steve, we feel so happy you loved our Food tour experience with us! The truth is we were a little bit worried about the heat (fortunately we did the experience before the extreme heat wave hit Greece), nevertheless since our priority is our guests to feel nice and comfortable, we adjusted your experience accordingly.
We thank you so much for your time and for coming to our experience! You are both wonderful and we loved every minute with you!


Thank you so much for yesterday. Everything was perfect and enjoyed by all!

Gena, Enrico, John, Susan, Kyle, USA - 16.07.2023

Tour: Olive Oil Tour & Full Lunch in Kalamata, Messinia


Our answer:It was so great meeting you all on Sunday morning! We also had a lovely time with you and we really did our best to create you wonderful memories and of course obtain more knowledge about Olive oil.
For Mama’s flavours and its partners it is of high importance to educate you among other things we do during an experience we organize. For next time? A fascinating wine tasting in a Greek vineyard is waiting for you with a second full and delicious Greek lunch!


Thank you for a wonderful experience!

Claire & 2 families, Australia & England - 09.07.2023

Tour: Cooking Class & Private Dining with Head Chef in Kalamata, Messinia


Our answer:Claire, it was such an exciting cooking class, with two great families, 10 guests total!! I and our Head Chef also enjoyed it from the cooking preparations to the dinner afterwards, where we all ate together at the same table like old friends; discussing and having fun! We also thank you so much for coming to Kalamata and joining us and we send a big hug to all of you!!


A “must do” experience!
This tour was one of the highlights of our trip to Greece. The tour of the olive grove and processing plant was fascinating. The olive oil tasting was great. And Maria was an excellent guide—informative, personable, and thoughtful.
By the end of the experience, she had become a family friend. If you are visiting Kalamata, this is a must. And do yourself a favor—make sure you also arrange to have the full lunch added to the tour. You won’t regret it.

Kirk, Brittney, Sara, Samuel & Hanna, USA - 06.07.2023

Tour: Olive Oil Tour & Full Lunch in Kalamata, Messinia


Our answer:A lovely and a beautiful family with the greatest smiles: And this is You!! Kirk, we thank all of you very much for your time and for your kind words for us. We feel so great when we meet people like you, eager to learn the Greek and the local history, the traditions and showing their true interest during the whole experience. And keep in mind: When travelling to Greece, wherever you go, ask for the local recipes and dishes!! And next time you visit us we have a unique food surprise for you...


The BEST cooking class experience
We had the most wonderful day! An interactive, hands-on experience in the most beautiful setting. Our food was fun to prepare and delicious to enjoy with wine. We love learning about the olive harvest as well. A MUST-DO experience!

Libby, Douglas, Katarina & Larik, USA - 04.07.2023

Tour: Cooking Class & Full Lunch in an Olive Grove, Messinia


Our answer:Katarina, the day started with the best way: Your smiles when we first saw each other! Thanks to our common friend Libby, we felt so happy to organize for a second time for her and her husband but for the first time for you, the same culinary experience in this olive grove!
It means so much to us when guests contact us again to create unique experiences for them and their friends! Your enthusiasm to participate in all culinary preparations was so great!
Now your next food experience? A traditional food tour in Kalamata or a 2 Day gastronomic and cultural adventure in Arcadia! Thank you so much, all of you!


We really enjoyed our day with you today and had a wonderful time! We very much enjoyed our experiences with you today! You are an amazing host and we learned a lot about the local foods and culture. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and warmth with us..!

Leslie & Steve, Holland - 01.07.2023

Tour: Traditional Food Tour in Kalamata, Messinia


Our answer:Leslie and Steve, we also thank you for joining us in this wonderful food tasting experience! Learning along with us the locals, the food treasures, the history, traditions and the beneficial benefits behind every treat has nothing to do about taking a tour: it is a holistic approach and an authentic way of immersing yourself into local gastronomy, culinary traditions and culture.
We feel so proud that we have guests like you who really appreciate it and share this unique experience with other travelers. Looking forward to seeing each other soon!!


Pam: Our tour with the delightful Maria was one of the most memorable experiences in 24 days in Greece. Maria is enthusiastic, well-spoken and very knowledgeable about local foods and history. The tour is very well organized and we met several local vendors with loads of personality. We sampled more than 20 different foods and beverages. I would definitely book with Maria again. Her philosophy of keeping the tour size small and limiting it to just your group contributed to the exclusive feeling. If only Maria could expand her empire and offer tours in other regions!
Brenda Amazing day. This was a wonderful day! Every stop was amazing and delicious! Maria made our day so special! From start to finish, perfect!
Charlotte: Very special insider experience! This was a peak experience in our time in Greece. Maria was a knowledgeable, well-spoken delightful guide. Our tour was just our small group which made it feel so special. We met several local vendors and enjoyed so much food! I think we walked about 12,000 steps although each vendor was a short journey. For this private experience, Maria doesn't charge enough, so if you go, please tip well. I would book again with her. I see she has cooking experience and boat experience. Her knowledge of the history of Kalamata and Messinia really adds to the day. She is a kind person. I just can't say enough good things! The only negative thing was the weather. It was quite a hot day, if that's the case for you plan accordingly.

Pam, Brenda, Charlotte, USA - 28.06.2023

Tour: Traditional Food Tour & Olive Oil Tasting in Kalamata, Messinia


Our answer:Time flew so quickly in the greatest way since we had guests like you Pam! For Mama's flavours it is not so important how many experiences we have organized but the people we meet each time; and believe me, the three of you were unique and wonderful! Especially at the end while enjoying our light lunch, it became so emotional also for me and I really appreciate your time listening to my true story about how Mama's flavours was born. And do not forget the promise: Next year we will enjoy an authentic Greek cooking class together and make Greek pitas!! A thank you is not enough but it is true and comes from our hearts; would love to visit us again!!


This was a wonderful day! Every stop was amazing and delicious! Maria made our day so special! From start to finish, perfect!

Elizabeth family & friends, USA - 19.06.2023

Tour: Traditional Food Tour in Kalamata, Messinia


Our answer:The day was wonderful because YOU were fantastic people!! Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and your kind comments! Your warm hug at the end of our unique experience said it all; please come again soon!!


Thank you very much for the experience! I liked it very much!

Christine, USA - 27.05.2023

Tour: Olive Oil Tour & Tasting with Light Lunch in Kalamata, Messinia


Our answer:You are welcome Christine! Solo travelers like you, are really lucky to travel to lesser known destinations like Kalamata. And this is because you went off the beaten path and we are so proud we were the people you met for the first time here and those who guided you to the beauty of this unexplored region through this olive oil tasting experience! Looking forward to seeing you again!


We had a wonderful trip with you. It was a pleasure meeting you and hopefully again in the future!

Franc & Jitske, Holland - 26.05.2023

Tour:  Walking Tour & Light Lunch in Kalamata, Messinia


Our answer:A walking tour in Kalamata is definitely also for us a relaxing stroll through the beautiful paved streets..Since it was your first time here we wanted to discover together some of its highlights of our city but especially the local tastes! We believe we achieved it and please come again!!


We LOVED our tour with Maria! We got to have an authentic tasting and meal that we could never have found on our own. You won't believe the variety of oils that one region can produce! Also, this tour is extremely kid friendly. Maria was so kind and engaging to my children. Many tours say they are okay with children but actually aren't. This one is!
Maria paid attention to our interests and was able to move the tour at our speed. She wasn't just going through the motions and checking boxes, she was making sure that we spent more time on the things that excited us. If you're looking for good food and a local experience, this is your tour! This is not a generic experience or a tour guide trying to clock in and clock out. She truly cares about the experience.

Andrew & Andrea family, USA - 10.05.2023

Tour: Olive Oil Tour & Tasting with Lunch in Kalamata, Messinia


Our answer:Andrea, we also loved your beautiful family! As a mum of two kids, I can totally understand their feelings and their needs and I always try to find ways to make them feel happy and comfortable; I am so glad I achieved the same with yours!
Thank you so much for joining us and for your great review! You just gave us additional reasons to create some special activities for them during our experiences! We would love to see you again next year!!


Michele: Thank you for your hospitality and for sharing your knowledge so generously Mama's Flavours!
Bryan: You did a fantastic job! Our FAM loved every minute and every bite!
Heather: This Food tour in Kalamata includes 6 different tasting shops and a lunch at the end – Ours was a shorter version but we still got to taste a lot! We visited local businesses, a grocery and herbs store where you can find local delicacies of Kalamata. We learned about sweet treats and the tour includes a visit to a small bakery to them being made and of course the Kalamata olives are famous! An olive oil tasting was also included with a professional olive oil taster; fascinating to taste the peppery and fiery aftertaste of some of the olive oils!
Mike and Anne: We explored the old town Kalamata and the origins of Peloponnese cuisine with Mama’s flavours food tour. In a region of 15 million olive trees, we of course had to try their famous Kalamata olives! We had a delicious and educational tasting with the co-founder of the Kalamata Olive & Olive oil School. Loved that our Food tour ended with a proper lunch at a delicious restaurant!
Yosh: Excellent Food Tour It gave us a fantastic intro to Kalamata cuisine. The olive oil tasting was particularly enlightening! Would gladly join this tour again when I return to Greece with family.

Small Group of Food & Travel Bloggers, from Europe, Asia & USA - 09.05.2023

Tour: Traditional Food Tour in Kalamata, Messinia


Our answer:You were all fantastic that day and we thank you so much for your kind reviews! Next time you come to Kalamata and have more time, we will do the Full Food tour experience and we are absolutely sure you will be excited for a second time! Take care!


Maria, the olive oil tour with you was one of the highlights of our time in Greece and we have told about you to many of our friends!

George & Jillian, Australia - 08.05.2023

Tour:  Olive Oil Tour & Tasting with Lunch in Kalamata, Messinia


Our answer:George, thank you very much! It was also a great pleasure meeting you and enjoying together not only a wonderful olive oil tour experience but also a gastronomic one since you got a small taste of our unique, local delicacies during your light lunch! We would love to welcome your friends from Australia to our region and organize unforgettable experiences for them; We would love to see you again soon!


We had a great time, and our morning with you was so sweet!

Jojo & Linda, USA - 06.05.2023

Tour:  Olive Oil Tour & Tasting with Lunch in Kalamata, Messinia


Our answer:Jojo and Linda, you were such great people! When we receive so much interest and so many questions about olive oil it makes us very happy since we love sharing our knowledge with everyone! The theme is to be an educated customer and not just buying any bottle which writes Olive oil on the label.. We hope this scope was achieved also with you; we really wish to see you again soon in another gastronomic adventure!! Thank you for coming!


This food tour should be the first thing you do when you come to Kalamata. Not only will you get a delicious introduction to the traditional foods of Messinia that will help you avoid tourist traps and understand the local culture but you'll come away feeling as though you've made new friends in Kalamata among the shopkeepers, baristas, olive oil and wine producers you'll meet at the food stops.
Maria is a passionate advocate of creating authentic food experiences for participants and it shows. Come hungry to this tour!

Michelle & Havier, USA - 04.05.2023

Tour: Traditional Food Tour in Kalamata, Messinia


Our answer:Michele and Havier, it was a great pleasure meeting you! Sharing with you our knowledge about Messinia and Kalamata’s culture and Greek local traditions is something that we always enjoy and we consider it an integral part in the whole experience for our guests.
Our selected trusted partners respect and love what they do despite the everyday difficulties; this is one of the things we have in mind: cooperate and support each other and the local economy with every good way we can! We are extremely happy that you also enjoyed it with us and we would love to see you again; thank you so much!!


Fantastic experience!
Maria made this experience fun and personal! We learned so much about olive trees, olive oil and the local food!
I highly recommend making time for the full lunch! It was exceptional and we learned about dishes we never would have known to order!
Maria stayed to chat long after the tour was over, and we really got to know her and see her passion for food, olives and supporting her local community!

Lahna, Eric & Lorraine, Canada - 09.04.2023

Tour: Olive Oil Tour & Tasting with Lunch in Kalamata, Messinia


Our answer:Lahna we also thank you and your kind friends very much for visiting Kalamata and joining us to the Olive oil experience on Sunday. Even though on weekends the Olive oil mill is closed we feel very happy that you got a holistic approach of this unique gift of our nature: Olive oil…
And remember: Whenever you travel and especially when travelling around Greece, ask for the local dishes from the restaurant owners, not just the usual and ‘’typical’’ Greek ones; it is the most ‘’smart’’ way to discover new tastes!!


Who Knew Olive Oil Could be Spicy?
Don't pass up an opportunity to book this tour. Maria is very passionate about olive oil and Greece in general. She is a wealth of knowledge and you will walk away with a better understanding of where our food comes from. We opted for the optional lunch afterward and did not regret it. The food is more than just french fries and gyros. You get a slice of what real local flavors exist all around the country. You will leave Greece with a newfound love for the country and a new friend!

Gabriel & Robert, USA - 27.03.2023

Tour: Olive oil tour & tasting with Lunch in Kalamata, Messinia


Our answer:Gabriel and Robert, it was so great meeting both of you! While reading your review, I felt so excited and happy and I thank you so much for your nice words. What you tasted with us during your lunch, indeed, it was just a slice of the ‘’hidden’’ food treasures you can find all over our wonderful country! Travelling around Greece there are endless things to explore and the "key" is to go…Local!!
Whenever you wish to come again with your friends and your beloved ones, we will be here waiting for you to discover more together…A great thank you to our new friends one more time!


Thank you so much for the very beautiful day and the delicious food!! I had such a wonderful time with you and also with Kyriaki at her shop and thank you, thank you, thank you. You are so generous!

Alexia, USA - 17.03.2022

Tour: Olive Oil Tour & Tasting with Lunch in Kalamata, Messinia


Our answer:My dear Alexia, we also thank you very much for joining us that day! This was just a little taste of what you can experience with us and we feel extremely happy when we see the smiles of our guests at the end. Next time, we will spend more time together doing even more exciting things!


Amazing food and hospitality! Fun experience
We did a tour back in February with Maria and we loved every minute of it! She has such a great warmth personality that makes you feel super comfortable and like we were friends for many years. We have tasted many good delicacies and learned so many new things about olive oil (even being Greek).
Lovely family at the olive oil tasting place and at the end I bought many goodies so I can continue the tasting extravaganza back home ;) One tip try not to eat much before the experience!

Danai & Carole, Greece & Chicago - 07.02.2023

Tour: Short Traditional Food Tour with Olive Oil Tasting and Full Dinner, Kalamata, Messinia


Our answer:My dear Danai it was also a great pleasure meeting you in Kalamata! You and Carole are amazing personalities and I really enjoyed the day with you. We have so much in common that the feeling of friendship comes on its own…
We would love to meet again and spend more time together!! Thank you sooo much for coming to our wonderful region!


Oils ain't oils
Maria organized a delightful and interesting tour, including a visit to a local olive grove with the manager on hand to explain the harvesting and pressing, and learning to tell the difference between different types of olives.
Then the olive oil "blind" tasting, which we took as seriously as a vintage wine tasting. It was a fascinating insight into the small family-run olive growers and olive oil producers, and the amazing variety of oils.
We certainly now only look for extra virgin olive oil (Greek of course) and how to store it. Highly recommended! Maria, thank you for the wonderful tour! It was so informative and fun!

Peter & Bruna, Australia - 22.10.2022

Tour: Olive Oil Tasting in Kalamata Messinia


Our answer:Meeting the locals and learning first hand all that has to do with the olives and olive oil are the 2 significant things we give emphasis to all our experiences. We want to educate our guests and give them tips and instructions on how to make better food choices and enjoy a healthier and a simple life!
We are so glad you liked the experience and we also thank you very much, you and your wonderful wife for joining that day. You may live in another continent but whenever you wish to come again, please do not hesitate to contact us; we would love to meet again!


I was doing some groceries at Mammy's Market (organic shop in Kalamata) and I had asked the owner Julie if she knew of any nearby olive farms that I could visit. She connected me to Maria, who is the woman power behind Mama's Flavours. Right away, it was easy to communicate with Maria in order to organize and personalize the experience.
She is so knowledgeable about the history of Greece and the region. I was very impressed by her professionalism and her passion that she has to connect people through these experiences in order to learn more about local ways of life.
This experience was above all what I had expected. I appreciated Maria's presence, sincerity and attention to all the details for creating this olive oil experience. I learned so much about the history of olives, olive oil making and tasting.
She arranged a delicious Greek lunch at a local restaurant. It was a huge pleasure to meet Maria; I had a lovely time and would definitely return for more tips from Mama's flavours :)

Jacqueline, Switzerland - 21.10.2022

Tour: Olive Oil Tasting & Light Lunch in Kalamata Messinia


Our answer:Jacqueline, we were also impressed pleasantly by the sweetness of your character and your enthusiasm in learning all about this blessed fruit of Mother Earth: the Olive tree.
When guests like you, show us their true interest and their positive mood to learn everything that has to do with Greek history, the Greek traditions and the Greek Gastronomy with its endless recipes and food, then the experience becomes so unique also for us!
The truth is that we deeply love what we do, something that you already know now as we told you the true story behind Mama's flavours project. So, Mama's flavours and its partners couldn't be nothing less than passion and love for our unique country, Greece!
We will be here to welcome you again any time you wish to come, maybe in a Greek Cooking class, a Greek wine tasting or in a Greek food experience or any other culinary and food event you like! Thank you very much for joining!


Greatest experience ever!
In October 2022, my wife and I had an olive oil tasting tour with Maria. It was an extraordinary experience. Maria is a very warm, kind-hearted and knowledgeable person. We learned so much. She was very focused on details. The cherry on top was an exquisite lunch at the end of the tour. We had a chance to taste outstanding, top-notch local cuisine. It was something and a half!
If you are looking to get a service that comes from the heart – not from the money, use their service without a single doubt. Maria, you are amazing!!!

Antanas & Sonata, Lithouania - 20.10.2022

Tour: Olive Oil Tasting & Light Lunch in Kalamata Messinia


Our answer:You and your wife are such great people! You showed me kindness and true interest from the start until the end of our Olive oil tasting and experience and these two things were basic ingredients for making your day an unforgettable one!
Whenever you wish to come again, we will be here to welcome you and discover together another part of our beautiful region and gastronomy! Warm hugs to both of you and I thank you so much for your kind words!!


Marie & Lorenzo:
The traditional food tour with Maria was an absolute delight! Although we have been going to Greece for many years, this journey around the charismatic streets of Kalamata where we got to meet the locals, taste, sip and discover the foodie traditions of the region was like nothing we have experienced before.
Maria is both passionate and knowledgeable about Greek cuisine up to and beyond the famous Kalamata olive! She collaborates with small producers, food store owners, restaurateurs and all those passionate about preserving the culinary traditions of this region. Get ready to discover local delights, traditional sweets, spices, Greek coffee and more!
Learn the correct way to cool down your Ouzo, discover the secrets of extra virgin olive oil and meet a local wine producer. Oh, and I forgot to mention that this tour concludes with a delicious light lunch at a charming taverna! The food tour experience with Maria is an absolute must for self-confessed foodies, or anyone who is curious about local culinary traditions and has a love for Greece and Greek food.
Maria also offers many other gastronomic and foodie experiences and we can’t wait to join her on another foodie odyssey the next time we are in town!

Michael Review: Mouth Watering and Eye Opening!
A really excellent experience. Maria is passionate about her subject and has found fabulous places to take you. Before this tour I definitely didn't like διπλες (sweet honey and cinnamon pastries, speciality of Kalamata) or Greek coffee - now I am hooked on both!
Maria explains everything extremely clearly, the history, nutrition, provenance of all the products and she has found excellent partners in shops, producers and places to eat. Can't fault this experience and good value for money.

Marie, Lorenzo & Michael, Italy & Scotland - 18.10.2022

Tour: Traditional Food Tour & Light Lunch in Kalamata Messinia


Our answer:Marie and Lorenzo, we share the same authentic feelings about our countries: deep love and respect. We have so much in common, as Greece and Italy are two of the most recognizable and famous countries regarding their long history, the old age traditions, the explosive and positive attitude of the people and of course the rich gastronomy!
The time we spent together was amazing also for me, realizing through our discussion, the endless similar things we have in common or with slight differences and the most important of all is that we share the same philosophy for all the above.
I would love to visit you also in your place and try some local food! Any time you wish to come just email us and we will organize together any gastronomic experience in Peloponnese you like! Thank you so much both of you and we would like to meet each other again very soon!!

Michael, while reading your impressions about the Traditional Food tour, we strongly felt that one of our "missions" is completed; To rediscover familiar food and tastes along with a local combining a personal visit at the place of its production while keeping its initial ingredients, the authenticity and its traditional character. My family loves δίπλες and I personally drink only Greek coffee enriched with some cinnamon and clove!
We are so excited for this and we would really love to see you and your friends on a new Greek gastronomic adventure! Thank you so much!


Maria et George sont d'adorables professionnels et ils se complètent parfaitement dans l'explication de la fabrication de l'huile d'olive, de son histoire, de celle de Kalamata, et de leur partenariat!
Nous avons découvert les différents goûts d'huile d'olive, pour mieux cuisiner, choisir et apprécier ce que nous achetons.
Très heureux d'avoir pu vivre cette expérience, nous recommendons !

Alexis & Flore, France - 08.10.2022

Tour: Olive Oil Tasting & Light Lunch in Kalamata Messinia


Our answer:French: Alexis, nous vous remercions beaucoup de nous avoir rejoint dans notre expérience de dégustation d'huile d'olive ! La philosophie de Mama est de toujours sélectionner des professionnels et des partenaires de confiance avec qui nous partageons la même passion et le même respect pour notre pays. Le Péloponnèse regorge de joyaux cachés à explorer, de lieux uniques à découvrir et de choses incroyables à faire. Lorsque des invités comme vous nous rendent visite et les voient par eux-mêmes, ils l'apprécient vraiment et nous en sommes si heureux et fiers ! J'espère te revoir bientôt!
English: Alexis, we thank you very much for joining us in our Olive oil tasting experience! Mama's philosophy is to always select professionals and trusted partners with whom we share the same passion and respect for our country. Peloponnese has endless hidden gems to explore, unique places to discover and amazing things to do. When guests like you visit us and see them on their own they really appreciate it and we feel so happy and proud about it! Hope to see you again soon!


This was one of the best experiences we had while in Kalamata. We were coached by one of the best chefs in Greece, and then enjoyed a long dinner with the chef and our tour organizers, Maria and Giannis, that allowed us to talk about everything ... politics, life in Kalamata/Greece, family ... all the things that brought us to Kalamata in the first place. Christos (the chef) has such great stories about who he's cooked for.
We are heading back to Kalamata later this year, and intend to repeat this experience, primarily to enjoy the company of Christos, Maria and Giannis. I will also say that the value of this event was clearly there ... We likely would have paid what we paid just to go to a restaurant, and the "experience" of cooking instruction and great company was sort of "free."

Michael & Karen, USA - 6.10.2022

Tour: Cooking Class & Private Dining & Full Dinner with Head Chef, Kalamata, Messinia


Our answer:What a wonderful review! Michael and Karen we feel very happy to meet you too; you were so kind, refined and with elegant manners. We really enjoyed discussing with you because you made us feel very comfortable. Travel allows people to see on their own eyes how life is to another continent or country and our opinion is, that people who travel a lot ‘’find’’ themselves through the experiences they live along with the locals they meet and the things they do and see…Cannot wait to see each other again this year! Thank you so much!!


Unique and Fun Experience
This was a venture that my wife and I took with 4 other adults (our daughters and their husbands) and grandkids of 5, 2 and 1-1/2 years). The farm/vineyards are incredibly cool on their own account, with olive trees that are hundreds of years old.
Loved the food and libations, but the olive oil tasting was particularly great. Had no idea of what "great" olive oil tasted like, but it was obvious shortly after we started. The owners of the farm were awesome people, with young kids and a interesting backgrounds. The organic focus of the farm was very cool.
Our tour "hosts," Maria and Giannis, are very special people. This tour was our first engagement with them. We had such a great time and liked them so much that we did two other events that they arranged during our stay in Kalamata. They are delightful, smart and interesting.
We've done other tours (including some in Kalamata), and no one compares to Maria and Giannis in terms of personal touch and creativity. We consider them to be our friends.

Karen, Michael & families, USA - 24.09.2022

Tour: Wine & Olive and Wine Tasting in An Organic Farm, Laconia Messinia


Our answer:You are already our new friends and you know it! Even though the organic farm is not so close to Kalamata it really worth to visit it and meet our trusted partners there. They also love and they are passionate of what they do so it was not difficult for us to select them for our guests.
We thank you so much for your kind words; you are also special people and good listeners! Cannot wait to see you again and enjoy a unique dinner together!


Thank you for the nice pictures and for the super interesting and tasteful day! It was really nice how it felt like a nice day out between friends rather than a guided tour. We have made lots of great memories and would like to thank all of your amazing partners as well. You built out an excellent network of people and places to provide any tourist with a nice all day experience. Thank you so much and we wish you the best of luck with Mama's flavours!

Jarich & Sharah, Belgium & Portugal - 21.09.2022

Tour: Traditional Food Tour in Kalamata Messinia


Our answer:We thank you very much Jarich and Sharah for joining! Creating great memories for our guests is one of the most significant things we do but not on purpose but because this is the real meaning of traveling! And if along with unforgettable memories you also create friends, then the whole experience becomes really authentic and unique!!


Maria was absolutely delightful. She was personable, passionate, thoughtful, and obviously well connected in Kalamata. She not only introduced us to local specialties, but locals themselves. We started with a history lesson of Kalamata then the tour began with a visit to a storefront bakery that was preparing delicacies for a wedding in Athens. After tasting, we were gifted a box of them along with another freshly made snack.
The walk progressed thru a Greek coffee shop, thru the main market, sweet spoons in an artisan herb & preserves shop, ouzo & charcuterie in an outside taverna, honey tasting, a memorable visit to a wine shop with plenty of wine & tsipouro, followed with lunch featuring the meat from a roasted whole hog that we saw in the very beginning of our adventure.
Everything was so fresh, local & wonderful. We never felt rushed, even when we visited with a Canadian at the coffee shop.
Maria and the Kalamata foodie tour is an 11 on a scale from 1 to 10.

Edd & Joann, USA - 20.09.2022

Tour: Traditional Food Tour & Honey Tasting in Kalamata


Our answer:It was great also for me to meet both of you JoAnn! I would characterize it one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had! I really felt so comfortable and your spontaneous friendliness was one of the things I will never forget about you.. We will stay in contact swapping our favourite recipes and food!! Thank you so much for your kind words!!


Incredible day of cooking on a beautiful, traditional farm in Messinia!
What an amazing, perfect day. It's hard for me to express how wonderful the experience of cooking together with our friends in this beautiful outdoor, garden kitchen in Messinia.
Maria along with, Stephanie and her family gathered us around a large wooden table under a beautiful shady pergola built by Stephanie's husband Panayotis from local cedar trees that were repurposed.. Stephanie's mother in law, our Yiayia for the day, reminded me so much of my own grandmother as she encouraged us to get involved in every part of the meal prep.
We learned how to prepare and bake rustic bread, lamb, tsasiki, tiropita, a villager’s salad and oven baked potatoes. The clay oven used to cook the meal is one you will see in many Greek's home gardens or behind local restaurants. While we learned how to cook these things, Maria & Stephanie taught us about the lifestyle in Messinia, the traditions behind many local foods, the importance of the olive trees and so much more.
All of our hosts were so warm, funny and interesting. They are well prepared. While your lunch is baking in the oven, you are served local wine and learn about the processing of olive oil and the purpose of raising awareness though agrotourism. The property is idyllic and set on a hill not far from Voidokilia and Petrohori beaches where you can visit after for a swim.
You can purchase Olive Oil produced at the farm to carry home and enjoy when you are missing the flavors of Greece. There is a genuine feeling that your hosts deeply care about the traditions, food and culture of Greece and Messinia in particular. My grandparents and father lived and grew up in this area and I'm so happy to be able to share this experience with my friends from the US who came with us to visit last summer.
We have already planned the same cooking class with our next guests when we are there this summer. You arrive as guests of Maria, Stephanie, Yiayia and Panayotis and leave feeling like friends.

Libby & 9 friends, USA - 19.09.2022

Tour: Cooking Class & Full Lunch in An Olive Grove in Messinia


Our answer:What can we respond about this fantastic review; It is so amazing that we read it again and again and also so hard for us to express our appreciation and hapiness about it because words are not enough. We want you to know that we feel the same about you and your friends and we cannot wait to see each other again and meet your new friends this summer. We promise you that for another time we will all have an unforgettable time together!!


Ciao Maria! It was very very emotional being with all of you today! My boss friend Anette was really overwhelmed by your hospitality and generosity! The light in your eyes is talking to us about your happiness and energy! Keep it like this and you will be successful! Thank you so much again and l hope to meet again!

Anette, Heather, Paola, USA - 17.09.2022

Tour: Tailor Made Experience: Guided Tour in Tower House & a War Tower, Olive Oil Tasting, Cooking Class & Full Local Lunch in Mani, Messinia


Our answer:We also thank you so much for joining us yesterday in our cultural and culinary experience in Mani. For sure it was an unforgettable experience for me, my husband and for all of my partners. It is so wonderful when you meet new people and at the end of the experience you feel like they are your friends!
What we experienced together yesterday, was just a small ''flavour'' of the wonderful experiences we provide to our guests. We really love and respect what we do and wish to transmit this strong feeling to everyone who joins us. We feel so happy and proud that you also appreciated and felt it yesterday. We hope one day to come and visit you in the US!


Dear Maria, thank you very much for a wonderful day with many interesting new impressions and lots of new information. It's great that Lars and Ina were allowed to be part of the meal. The pictures of you are a nice reminder, thank you for that. We wish you and your loved ones all the best for the future!!

Daniela & Dimitra & 2 friends, Germany - 16.09.2022

Tour: Olive Oil Tasting & Light Lunch in Kalamata Messinia


Our answer:You are welcome! I enjoyed the day with all of you and sharing not only knowledge but most of all, my passion for what I do to people who appreciate it like you, it is just fantastic! Thank you very much and I look forward for our next gastronomic experience!


Maria is the warmest and most friendly guide we have met on our food tours and we have attended many. She is most accommodating and flexible in fitting with our schedule and passionate and knowledgeable about Greek cuisine and we thoroughly enjoyed the trip. She also went the extra mile to prepare little take away gifts at the end of the trip. It was time well spent and we highly recommend it!

Chenggek & Boonhan, Singapore - 09.09.2022

Tour: Traditional Food Tour in Kalamata Messinia


Our answer:We thank you sooo much for your excellent review!! Your words gave us so much strength to continue to do what we love more: Our Greece! Indeed, we want to share with you our beloved guests as much knowledge as we can and go beyond your expectations each time!! Next time you come I promise you we will enjoy a mouthwatering ''light'' dinner, you know with ''small'' quantities of food. If you were excited about the Greek mezedes, you will never forget the tastes and flavours of the dinner!


Fabulous tour! Who knew there were so many different olive oil flavours?
I absolutely loved this olive oil tour and tasting with lunch! I was the only one on the tour (I goofed and thought there would be others), so I had Maria (the tour guide) and the manager of the olive groves all to myself. They were both so kind and took the time to answer my many questions. Maria was the consummate guide and super-friendly. If I lived in Kalamata, I have no doubt that we would be friends.
The tour itself was impressive and very educational. I love olives and olive oil but had little knowledge about the harvesting and pressing process. I was then treated to a blindfolded taste-testing to learn about the different natural olive oil flavours. Who knew there were so many! I also learned that I should be an olive-oil connoisseur because of my heightened sense of smell.
After the tour, Maria and I had lunch together. All the dishes were mouth-watering local gastronomies that we enjoyed with beer (or was it wine?). All in all, it was a wonderful experience, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is visiting Kalamata!
P.S. I also did a bike tour with Maria (just the two of us) of Kalamata. I've attached photos of that as well for anyone who might be interested. It was fantastic and well worth it. I'll provide more details once that tour is up on the Trip Advisor site. :)

Yula, Canada - 01.09 & 02.09.2022

Tour: Olive Oil Tour & Tasting with Lunch & Βike Tour in Kalamata, Messinia


Our answer:My sweet Yula!
We thank you sooo much for your fantastic review and for your kind words ! I also felt that it wouldn't be difficult for me at all to become friends if you lived here in our beautiful Kalamata! You are really friendly and so kind with a wonderful personality, things so precious which unfortunately you do not find easily to people any more.. We wish you all the best, follow your dreams and soon find the chance to visit us again. Now, you know how to find us; we send you our warmest hug!!


Maria thank you for a wonderful birthday evening!!! I will never forget it! Thanks so much!!

Valerie & Alison families (11 people), Canada - 23.08.2022

Tour: Short Food Tour, Full Olive Oil Tasting, Full Dinner & Surprise Cake in Kalamata, Messinia


Our answer:We also thank you so much for sharing your special day, your birthday with us. For sure it was an unforgettable experience and this is Mama's flavours scope..
Annia and I had such a wonderful time with you on Tuesday and we enjoyed it very much!! You are such kind and social people and I had the idea I already knew you before...Cannot wait to see you all again next summer!


We are back in Canada and keep wonderful memories of our trip to Greece and short stay in Kalamata.
Thank you for the pictures and information provided. My sister loved her visit to Corfu and found it very regal. We appreciated our olive oil tour and tasting, and the nice touch you provided to each of us. It was really kind of you.
We wish we had done the full tour and had a chance to enjoy a light lunch. We hope we could have stayed longer in your beautiful city of Kalamata!
We headed to Sparta and the beautiful Byzantine old city of Mystras on our way back to Athens. We will remember each of our visits and the warmth of the people from Greece.
Again, thanks to you, to Georges and his wife for the great time spent together. It was really nice and enjoyable!

Chris, Sarah & Michael, Canada - 13.08.2022

Tour: Olive Oil Tasting in Kalamata Messinia


Our answer:Michael, Sarah and Christella, thank you sooo much for your nice words! It is always so emotional when we read from you, our wonderful guests, their impressions and how they felt with us during our experience.
We feel that we become stronger to keep up the hard work and confirm for one more time, that when you really love what you do, you do not work; you also enjoy the day with your travelers.
Now, you know when you come back to this blessed country, you will enjoy not only its stunning views and its rich cultural heritage but also the warmth, the kindness and the authenticity of its people. Because at the end of the day, what matters most is our memories and how the people around us made us feel...
We will be here and waiting for you whenever you wish to visit us again. I promise you a mouthwatering full, Greek lunch which will create you even more beautiful memories and spend the whole day together!


Maria was a pleasant and knowledgeable person. She made the olive oil tour enjoyable. We highly recommend this tour to learn about different type of olive oil and different tastes!

Amr & Jode family, USA - 05.08.2022

Tour: Olive Oil Tasting & Light Lunch in Kalamata Messinia


Our answer: Amr, thank you very much for your kind words and your nice review! I always enjoy the olive oil tour with people like you who are open minded and wish to learn more about this amazing gift of Mother Nature: the olive oil. I hope next time you come, spend more days in our beautiful city, see and do even more exciting things!!


We had a wonderful time on the Oil tasting tour with Maria. She is passionate, interesting and the tour was informative. My wife and I had an enjoyable tour and it was well worth going. If you are driving to Kalamata, I would suggest that you find parking on the street near the central square if you can as the meeting point under the soldiers statues in the square is just to make sure everyone was there.
We then went back to our cars and drove to another meeting area. You essentially are driving yourself to the Olive grove which is not far. We paid for parking and were only in the outdoor lot for 20 minutes. It was a flat fee. The tour was very interesting as Maria explained how the olives are harvested and we learned about how the olive oil is graded in Greece.
After visiting the grove we went into town to do a tasting. We chose not to go to lunch. On our tour it was just my wife and myself that day so it was essentially a private tour. Maria left us with some small gifts at the end of the tour which was a very nice touch. If you are in Kalamata, I would definitely go on this tour.

Anthony & Colleen, USA - 29.07.2022

Tour: Olive Oil Tasting & Light Lunch in Kalamata Messinia


Our answer:Anthony, thank you so much for your review, we had a wonderful time with you and your lovely wife! I love explaining and transmitting to my guests the traditions, the importance and the magical..''journey'' of this liquid gold from farm to table. Regarding the meeting point it can be compromised accordingly for our guests. We apologize for any inconvenience it might cause you; that is why we always ask our guests, before we meet, where their accommodation is and if they have their own transfer or not. After your kind comment we have set the Port Authorities in Kalamata and not the Central Square. A great thank you and next time you come we will taste together some mouthwatering local delicacies in our lunch!!


A can’t miss highlight for a trip to Kalamata! The tour combined great food, wine, coffee, company, city sights and history with memorable local interactions. Maria was like an immediate best friend to the entire family. You could tell she was incredibly passionate about the food tour and making sure we all had a blast. I would recommend her food tour to everyone!
Maria, I cannot express enough to you just how much we enjoyed your wonderful food tour. There just aren't enough adjectives. It was the perfect combination of delicious, relaxing, energetic, entertaining, informative, and fun.
We too felt like you were a good friend we'd known for years. You made us feel at home, taught us a lot, introduced us to lovely people, and fed us delicious food. Kalamata is a wonderful place that we were glad to have experienced. The bags you gave us with the notes and snacks were so sweet. It's a wonderful business and experience you've built and I'll be sure to recommend it to my brother and his wife who are coming to Greece soon. Thank you again!

Dominic, Joanna & family, USA - 27.07.2022

Tour: Traditional Food Tour in Kalamata Messinia


Our answer:Dominic and Joanna I am so glad that you and your family left with the best impressions of our beautiful city, Kalamata, which has so many hidden ‘’gems’’ to discover when travelers come. When you meet a local who respects not only his partners but also his guests and most importantly, loves doing this kind of experience, then the result is what you received and felt. Thank you is not enough for me to express my feelings while reading your great words but it comes from my heart… I would really love to see all of you again next summer or earlier! You were all wonderful!!


Thank you again for a lovely tour yesterday! We really enjoyed our day with you and we look forward to another tour with you in the future!!

Brooke, Christina & Sophie, USA - 26.07.2022

Tour: Boat Ride ιn Navarino Bay & Traditional Lunch ιn Kalamata, Messinia


Our answer:Amazing girls, amazing experience! Swimming in crystal, clear water, learning the local history, taking endless photos, visiting small islands and monuments.. And the best part to conclude your wonderful experience? A special, full of local tastes lunch organized with lots of love just for you!! We thank you so much for your great company and your wonderful smiles!


We went on a olive oil tasting experience with my daughter. We loved it! From the factory where we could see all that is involved in the production of EVOO to the final tasting of different oils in a charming historical shop in Kalamata. Maria was very knowledgeable, helpful and kind. I would highly recommend it!!

Sylvie & Beatrice, England - 19.07.2022

Tour: Olive Oil Tasting & Light Lunch in Kalamata Messinia


Our answer:I also loved your nice company! Seeing on your own from the olive grove, the stages of the olive oil production at the olive oil mill to the bottle, you obtain significant knowledge as a consumer and you appreciate the hard efforts of the olive oil producers more. That is the main scope of this kind of our experiences; to educate our guests, make better choices as consumers and adopt healthier dietary habits. And when this happens, it makes us really happy and proud! When you come again to our beautiful Kalamata, we will visit my partners' vineyards and his winery and I am sure you will be very excited! Thank you so much for coming!


Not to miss when visiting Kalamata/Messinian area! We did the Olive tour with olive oil tasting and light lunch in Kalamata. It was a unique experience we learned so much about the region, Greece and olives and had an absolutely delicious lunch. Maria is a fabulous host, very professional and a wonderful person. A must!

Sarah & friends, Sweden - 15.07.2022

Tour: Olive Oil Tasting & Light Lunch in Kalamata Messinia


Our answer:We thank you so much for your great review and your kind words! It is amazing when you hear and read from your guests that they had a fantastic time and recommend their experience to other people! This kind of review not only makes us happy but also very proud. Next time you come to our beautiful city of Kalamata, we would like to meet the rest of your family and enjoy all together another fantastic gastronomic adventure!


Wow-I don't know where to start! We visited the region on holiday and I wanted something special for my husband’s birthday while we were away!
From the moment I contacted Maria she was so unbelievably attentive and careful to plan the best experience I could have wished for. Custom made detail to picking us up from our Hotel and arranging the perfect afternoon and evening experience.
Her expertise and knowledge made for an experience we will never forget. Her team made us so welcome. - we came away with so much knowledge and feeling like we made friends for life.
If you want to book a tour or arrange a custom made experience please do not hesitate to contact Mama's Flavours you will not be disappointed!!!!

Paul & Cathy, England - 05.07.2022

Tour: Olive Oil & Honey Tasting & Cooking Class with Head Chef and Full Dinner (Tailor Made Experience) in Kalamata Messinia


Our answer:Just to thank you for joining us that unforgettable afternoon and for your great review, is too little... We also feel that we made new friends and we believe this is the meaning of the word experience. When you told us about organizing something special to surprise your husband, we felt very happy and that we had to do our best to make it happen for you! Thank you so much for sharing your special day with us and let us be a part of it! We would really love to see you again very soon, you both are an amazing couple!!


The Olive Oil tasting was absolutely amazing. We loved every bit of it and you could feel by her enthusiasm that Maria truly cares about sharing her knowledge and passion! We can absolutely recommend booking a tour with Maria!

Alexander & Julie, Switzerland - 04.07.2022

Tour: Olive Oil Tasting & Light Lunch in Kalamata Messinia


Our answer:Alexander and Julie, you were also amazing! We thank you so much for joining us and feel so happy we met you. Now you know that in this beautiful region you have so much to discover and see so we would love to see you again soon!!


Definitely a must-do if ever in Kalamata. An insightful and entertaining tour that was finished with a delightful meal filled with local cuisine! The olive oil tasting itself was a unique affair paired with lots of laughter. The gifts at the end were a lovely cherry on top of an excellent experience. Definitely something to check out when in Kalamata!

Laith & Cassie, England - 02.07.2022

Tour: Olive Oil Tasting & Light Lunch in Kalamata Messinia


Our answer:Laith and Cassie thank you so much for joining us yesterday! We appreciated it very much when you told us it is your first time in Greece and you selected Mama's flavours to live your first experience in our beautiful country. You are so kind and pleasant people and your smiles during the experience proved this! Next time you come, we will discover and explore together another fantastic region in the heart of Peloponnese: Arcadia, for mountainous village hopping, a Greek cooking class and many more which you will find out when you come!


We had an incredible time with Maria as a guide on the Messinia boat ride and lunch in Kalamata. She planned the entire trip down to the very small details to ensure that we had a high quality and enriching experience. She was extremely engaging and answered all our questions about the surrounding area while showing us Greek culture and traditions. The boat tour was very relaxing with an opportunity to go swimming and enjoy a meal on-board. The traditional lunch was served at an oceanside restaurant where we got to experience local foods from the region as Maria described the dishes in detail including their history and how they were prepared. We were blown away by how well the trip was planned and the personalized experience. We would HIGHLY recommend any visitor to Kalamata or the region book this tour.

George & Jan, USA - 27.06.2022

Tour: Boat Ride & Traditional Lunch in the Messinian Gulf Kalamata Messinia


Our answer:We feel so much happiness when reading reviews like yours! I also enjoyed the boat tour with you because you are very positive and extrovert people. And of course when we have Greek Americans in our experiences we always enjoy speaking them in Greek and English. We wish both of you to travel a lot and we will be very happy to organize for you and your friends another experience, so as to see you again! Thank you so much!!


We had an awesome food tour with Maria. She is funny, knowledgeable and really takes her time for you. A must see when you visit Kalamáta!

Wart & family, Holland - 11.06.2022

Tour: Traditional Food Tour in Kalamata, Messinia


Our answer:We thank you all so much for joining us on our Food tour on Saturday! We really appreciate it and this gives us more strength to continue not just the good work but to provide our guests experiences far and beyond their expectations! Wish to see all of you again soon!


Fantastic experience - exactly what we were after
We had absolutely the best time on our tour with Maria! We contacted Mama's flavours quite last minute as we really wanted to experience an olive oil tasting and to find out more about olive oil in this famous area of the Kalamata olive. Maria was so accommodating, friendly and professional.
We also had our 5 month old baby with us, and Maria offered to hold her to keep her happy during the tasting which was so kind. We learnt a lot during the tour, and thoroughly enjoyed our whole experience and we would recommend it to anyone visiting the area.
Maria also emailed over some lovely photos of us after the tour, and we left with a lovely gift to round it all off. Highly recommend it!

Alexander & Sophie & Calliope (baby), England - 01.06.2022

Tour: Olive Oil Tour & Olive Oil Tasting in Kalamata, Messinia


Our answer:A big thank you for joining our Olive oil tour yesterday! It was so great meeting you and I really had a wonderful time with your beautiful family!! Of course we would arrange your last minute request for you because it is always for our guests a unique opportunity to indulge themselves in our culture and traditions. That is why we are here!
I loved your daughter, Calliope, it is not a coincidence you all have Greek names and it impressed us when you knew many things about Greek history and a lot of Greek words!
We feel very glad when sharing our knowledge and tips with you, so next time you travel to Greece, we would be more than happy to spend more time together and organize for you a new gastronomic adventure whenever you wish!


Spannende neue Eindrücke in die messenische Küche in einer Atmosphäre griechischer Gastfreundschaft
Maria hat uns fast einen ganzen Tag in die traditionelle messenische Küche eingeführt und uns dabei sofort mit sympathischen und ehrlich interessierten Art eingenommen. Von Frühstück mit griechischem Kaffee über kleine salzige und süße Snacks, Mezze und einem leichten Mittagessen im Anschluss an eine Verkostung lokaler Weine und Olivenöle haben wir nichts ausgelassen. Vielen der Lebensmittel und Gerichte, die wir mit Maria probiert haben, kannten wir bisher nicht. Daher war es sehr spannend, wie viele Hintergrundinfos die studierte Bibliothekarin dazu parat hatte - vom antiken Ursprung, der traditionellen Verwendung bis hin zu Nährwerten. Danke für diesen unvergesslichen ersten Urlaubstag!
Maria introduced us to the traditional Messenian cuisine for almost a whole day and immediately took us with a sympathetic and honestly interested way. From breakfast with Greek coffee to small salty and sweet snacks, mezze and a light lunch followed by a tasting of local wines and olive oils, we didn’t miss anything. Many of the foods and dishes that we have tasted with Maria, we did not know until now. It was therefore very exciting to see how much background information the trained librarian had on hand – from ancient origins, traditional use to nutritional values. Thank you for this unforgettable first day of your holiday!

Tom & Stefanie - Germany - 23.05.2022

Tour: Traditional Food Tour in Kalamata, Messinia


Our answer:German: Tom und Stephanie, vielen Dank, dass ihr die Food Tour mit uns gemacht habt! Wir freuen uns, wenn unsere Gäste von dem, was sie probieren, beeindruckt sind, aber das Wichtigste für uns ist, etwas über jedes einzelne Produkt, seine Geschichte, seine gesundheitlichen Vorteile, seine Verwendung in der Küche und vieles mehr zu erfahren! Wir hoffen, dass wir Sie bald wiedersehen, das nächste Mal mit Ihrem Baby!
English: Tom and Stephanie, thank you so much for joining us on the Traditional Food Tour! We are very happy when our guests are impressed by what they taste, but the most important thing for us, is to learn about each individual product, its history, its health benefits, its use in the kitchen and much more! We hope to see you again soon, next time with your baby!


Maria, thanks for the special day; your hospitality is unbelievable! After 2 years of Covid it was good to see all of you with happy faces and your hospitality was for us a warm welcome. I was very impressed by your project because our family has owned since 1846 bread and pastry bakeries and 2 supermarkets. We will always remember your hospitality, the quality of dinner and last but not least the warm welcome of your employees. Your place is classified with 5 stars! I wish you a lot of success!

Henry and 24 friends – Holland - 21.05.2022

Tour: Cooking Class in an Agrotourism Unit in Arcadia


Our answer:Henry, we thank you so much for joining! You were all wonderful people and your smiles were the best gifts for all of us and we really appreciated this. We also had an amazing time with you, such fantastic and kind you were that I and my partners enjoyed also as you did! We send you our warmest wishes, a big hug and we would love to see you again in Peloponnese soon!


Most Amazing Tour in all of Greece!
This was BY FAR the best experience we had during our honeymoon to Greece and Italy. Maria and Giannis are two incredible people. We couldn’t have dreamed of a better day. Maria and Giannis picked us up in Athens and then we began what was the most incredible day of our honeymoon.
If you are looking for a gastronomic experience in Greece, then YOU MUST contact Maria and Mama’s Flavours. Maria and Giannis are so kind, thoughtful and think of every detail to make the tour absolutely fantastic. They went above and beyond in every aspect from the bag of goodies in the morning, selection of shops and restaurants to a hand crafted gift bag at the end.
Last but not certainly not least, after the tour they drove us 40 minutes to Chandrinos so that I could meet my 2nd cousin for the first time. My cousin doesn’t speak English and I don’t speak Greek, so Maria was gracious enough to be our translator for this most memorable experience.
We consider Maria and Giannis to be our friends, as they are two people who have a very big heart and they are the best part of the Mama’s Flavours experience. We are already thinking of when we will return to Kalamata so that we can meet again!

Nick & Mera, USA - 19.05.2022

Tour: Traditional Food Tour & Olive Oil Tasting in Kalamata, Messinia (Private Round Trip from Athens


Our answer:Nick and Mera!
When we were reading with Giannis your kind words and all the things that impressed you to the whole experience, we felt so so happy and so strongly emotionally touched..From your first email until the previous day of your experience we worked methodically and designed all the details, so as to make it for you a special one.
Receiving such a fantastic review made us so proud of the result and gave us so much strength to continue the hard work. Of course you already know from our conversation during our tour, that Mama's flavours project started from zero base in 2014 and after years of hard efforts we finally managed to begin systematically.
We hope next time when you come to Kalamata to see each other again, come to our house for a nice lunch and meet our children, because now you are also our new friends from America characterized by kindness and warmness in their hearts.. ❤ We wish you all the best!!


Amazing tour and experience. Had a great time and a lot of fun!
We went on the food tour with olive oil tasting with Maria and we had an absolutely fantastic few hours. We were sad when the experience came to an end. Maria is so friendly and knowledgeable and the tour is fun and interesting and you get to meet local people, taste so many different types of lovely food and also drink local wines and ouzo as well!! This is a fantastic tour and would definitely recommend you book it.

Justin & Karen, England - 05.05.2022

Tour: Traditional Food tour in Kalamata, Messinia


Our answer:Justin, we thank you so much for joining! You and Karen are such wonderful people and I also had a great time with you. I feel so happy that you enjoyed it and it was so fun explaining..english words to Greek (you know what I mean !). We would like you to come again and discover more hidden “gems” not only in Messinia but also in other unique places in Peloponnese!!


We’ve had an amazing tour with all the best food. This paired with the nicest…made an unforgettable experience. Thank you so much!

Eline, Linda & Lisanne, Holland - 26.03.2022

Tour: Traditional Food Tour in Kalamata, Messinia


Our answer:Girls, all of you were fantastic! I felt I was with friends in High School and like a teenager for a few hours… We had a great time together and I am so happy that you liked the delicacies and the food. If you come in summer, we would love to organize for you the boat ride tour, as I promised you!!


The olive tour was so great with Maria! Next time we come we will find some more time to do the olive oil tasting. Our family enjoyed it so much and we really thank you!!

Christian & Tess family (3 kids), USA - 11.03.2022

Tour: Olive Oil Tour & Visit to Olive Oil Mill in Kalamata, Messinia


Our answer:Do not worry my dear Christian and Tess! I promise you next time you come to Greece, full olive oil tasting with my partners Giorgos and Kelly and a local lunch with mouthwatering Greek delicacies handmade by Vasilis and Sophia! Thank you all so much!!


So worth it in Kalamata!! Do it!!
A special day with a great guide who felt like a friend from the start. We went at our own pace, tasted delicious bits of everything and ended up walking and enjoying and filling up on so many wonderful items at great places we would never have seen. I’m not the type to take a guide around, but this was so worth it. A must do in Kalamata. Thanks Maria!!
Tops of fun, food and Flavours. Really got to live and see and enjoy things that were delicious and never would’ve had the chance to do but for Maria. And she was so great and kind and fun to be with. A wonderful and full day. Highly recommended!!
Many thanks again for taking such good care of us on Saturday. The tour was really great and we had a wonderful time. Also the kids liked it a lot. And thanks for all the gifts which we ate in the car on our way back to Athens. Best of luck with the season this year!
Maria's passion for food and her love for the region she lives in was inspiring. This was not only a food tour where we got introduced to local meals and the art of olive oil was also a Greek history lesson! Efcharisto Maria...

Jason, Laura & family - Manfred, Mysti & family, USA, Italy, Germany, Jordan - 05.03.2022

Tour: Traditional Food tour in Kalamata


Our answer:Despite the rain and the cloudy weather, you were all in such a good mood that it was like making the Food tour on a warm, sunny day! We thank you so much for coming to Kalamata from Athens so as to make the tour and spend time together, it means a lot to us, and we deeply appreciated it.
We did the best we could, not only because you are such wonderful people but also because you were our first tour for 2022!! We will be here waiting for you whenever you wish to visit our beautiful city again and create together a new gastronomic adventure!!
Laura, as promised, I owe you a Greek phyllo pastry workshop along with your sweet family!! You were all great!!
Parakalo Manfred, it is true, I love Kalamata! It is an ideal place to stay or live especially for families and I really enjoy every tour with my guests; It makes me so happy when they tell me how much they enjoyed it! And yes, I.. "admit" it...I always put in my narration a little bit of Greek history, because as you already know, Greece is much more than the Acropolis and mousaka! I hope to see you and your family again very soon!!


We had a lovely time with Maria from Mamas flavours. She is a really spontaneous person with great knowledge of Kalamata, the special places and of course about the culture. Since we will be moving to Kalamata soon, this was for us the best way to get to know our new city. I think this should be mandatory for everybody who is coming to Kalamata. Because it is the best way to integrate ;) Now we know where to buy our dairy products, our meat and a lot more. Highly recommended!

Dylan & Eline, Holland - 24.11.2021

Tour: Traditional Food Tour in Kalamata


Our answer:It is so great to receive reviews like yours! And the feeling becomes greatest when you hear that people from abroad have decided to come and live in your city, in Kalamata! We feel very happy for giving you a first…taste of the endless delicacies and places that you can try and visit. We are here for you, in case you need anything, thank you so much both of you, wish you the best!


Maria, our guide for the visit and tasting of products in Kalamata was very nice, happy to share experiences, suggestions and her passion for food, local products and small shops.
We had less time for the visit than we would have initially pick up due to flight departure time, but we would recommend any activity proposed as we much enjoy the one we had and are looking forward to our next cooking class. Many thanks, Maria and see you soon.

Patrick & Myriam, Switzerland - 19.11.2021

Tour: Walking Food Tour in Kalamata, Messinia


Our answer:Patrick, even though we did not have enough time to taste more local delicacies and do more things together, it is so great to see your enthusiasm and your nice comments for the Food tour experience! We promise you, when you come again to Kalamata, a whole day will be organized only for you and your amazing wife! Thank you so much for coming to our gastronomy tour!!


We thank you very much for the wonderful evening. We had a great time and we enjoyed not only the cooking class but also the food, which was delicious!

Group of 8 guests, Israel - 05.11.2021

Tour: Cooking class & Private dining in Kalamata with Head Chef


Our answer:We also thank you for joining us and for your kind words! Your enthusiasm and your energy were the ideal ingredients for making this cooking class so special! Looking forward to seeing you soon in Kalamata!


We had a really great time with Maria. We can only recommend going with the ‘Traditional food and olive tasting’ tour. Maria will let you experience so many different local specialities that you definitely won’t go home not loving Greek food. Maria is really passionate about food and will surprise you with her enthusiasm and knowledge. The locals you will meet are equally passionate about their products and will give you a warm welcome. A great way to experience Greek traditional food. We really enjoyed our time in Kalamata, the food, the people, the atmosphere, and it was definitely a highlight of our trip!

Karin & Alexander, Belgium - 19.10.2021

Tour: Traditional Food Tour in Kalamata


Our answer:Alexander & Karin, we wish you all the best, above all, Health and we will be here to guide you to another gastronomic experience when you come again to Greece! Thank you so much, you and your Mum are amazing people!!


Unforgettable, fun experience in Kalamata - a must do (Stephen)
Thank you Mama’s Flavours in Kalamata, Peloponnese, Greece! The generosity of time and spirit Maria, George V. Koutelas, and Kelly gave us on a beautiful, sunny day in Kalamata was a treat. Hours flew by discussing olive growing in the groves, tasting the differences in types of olive oil, and enjoying the delicious light lunch at a favorite Taverna. Easily one of the best highlights of an 11 day trip touring the Peloponnese. Do yourself a favor and book some time with Mama’s Flavours. Adds an important, personalized experience in between historic sites in this amazing country!

A great experience curated by Maria. Highly recommend it! (Carolyn)
Lovely, personalized experience with Maria. Visit to the grove, olive oil tasting and light lunch were fantastic! From the moment we met Maria we knew we were in for a treat. She goes above and beyond to create an authentic, informational and fun Greek experience. She is so positive, friendly, knowledgeable and truly cares about treating her guests to an authentic experience. The visit to the grove and olive oil tasting with George, a professional certified taster was perfect - he is experienced and answered all of our questions. If you are looking for an authentic small olive oil tasting that is fun, casual and flavorful, this is it! Be sure to enjoy the light lunch - the small bites were fantastic and a highlight of our taverna meals. Thank you so much for your gracious hospitality and awesome experience! You are the best! We hope to return again with friends. Highly recommend Maria and Mama’s Flavours!

Carolyn & Stephen, USA - 2.10.2021

Tour: Olive oil tasting & light lunch in Kalamata


Our answer:Carolyn and Stephen, the words are too small to describe our appreciation and the happiness for your excellent comments. You both are great people and we really love to see you again soon with your family, or friends in our magical country, Greece for another gastronomic experience! We thank you again so much for joining in our gastronomy experience! We had such a wonderful time with you!!


The cooking class was excellent! Me and my wife cooked moussaka from scratch with Christos, the Head chef, and Maria who welcomed us in a very warm way. From cutting the vegetables, the potatoes, preparing the béchamel sauce to the oven! Moussaka was delicious and accompanied with appetizers and fine wine. Thank you so much for this experience!

Anthony & Darlene, USA - 30.09.2021

Tour: Cooking Class with Head chef in Kalamata


Our answer:Anthony and Darlene it was a great pleasure for us to meet you and cook together one of my favourite Greek foods. Now you already know, that cooking moussaka is not so difficult, all you need is fresh, seasonal vegetables and a good mood! Looking forward to cooking gemista (stuffed vegetables) next time you come! Thank you very much for joining!


Our family of 5 adults and 1 three year old had a wonderful time touring multiple, unique food venues and learning about Greek food culture and traditions.
Maria was so passionate about everything she shared with us and she really made us feel engaged and well cared for. Our three year old had a lot of fun with the hands on dough rolling and the adults enjoyed the many different tastes of Kalamata.
It was a lovely day that engaged all of our senses: sight, taste, touch, smell and sound!

Paula & family, USA - 15.09.2021

Tour: Traditional Food Tour in Kalamata


Our answer:Dear Paula, you and family were great people! We thank you very much for your kind review, every day we work hard to improve the experience for you, our lovely guests.
Every good word our guests write for Mama's flavours, makes us very happy to continue with more enthusiasm. Wish you all the best and would like to see you again next summer for a Greek Cooking class this time! You will love it!


As a travel advisor specializing in sharing authentic Greece for the last 17 years I have looked far and wide to find like minded trustworthy partners with a passion for the food, flavors and culture that makes Greece unique and special. Finding Maria was like finding an oasis in the desert after a very long journey. In Mama's Flavors Maria has made accessible the types of experiences that only a local knows - and she's developed relationships with the locals who are normally busy with their daily lives and the products they grow, harvest, prepare and market to the local community. The people one meets during her tours and classes aren't making their living off of tourism and that's important because it means these aren't experiences developed to sell to tourists, they're authentic experiences designed to off travelers a peak into Real Greece. Maria, you're simply amazing!

Carole, USA - 06.09.2021

Tour: Traditional Food Tour in Kalamata


Our answer:Every gastronomic tour is also a fantastic experience for us, when we have great partners - guests like you! It is difficult to find responsible partners who work with professionalism and share with them the same philosophy and passion for your work. We also feel so happy and lucky that we found you! Every gastronomic experience of Mama's flavours has been created from scratch and after very hard work. Each one of them has its own unique character ''dressed'' with the authenticity and the hospitality of the Greek locals. We thank you from the bottom of our heart for your nice words, we keep up the good work! Remember: a mouthwatering lunch or dinner with local specialties is waiting for you when you come again, Carole!!


Maria, thanks so much!!

Jay & Sasha family, USA - 24.08.2021

Tour: Traditional Food tour in Kalamata


Our answer:It was our pleasure and we also thank you! I love making tours with families because it is so much fun seeing them having a good time along with their parents! You were all very kind and if you visit Kalamata again, a tour that will impress you even more is a Boat ride tour in Messinia along with a local lunch in an olive grove in Messinia. Your kids will love it!


We had a wonderful time! Thank you so much for your friendly help, the amazing tour and for the lovely day!

Fedora & Bryan family, Holland - 17.08.2021

Tour: Boat Ride & Full Local Lunch in Messinia


Our answer:We also thank you Fedora for your kind words and for joining our boat ride tour! Hope to see you and your beautiful family again!


Andrea Estell E.: Such an incredible day/experience!
Jessica P.: This was such an awesome adventure!
Erin E.: A beautiful, beautiful day!!!
Sheila E.: Best bachelorette extravaganza! And with the sweetest kindest ladies. Still smiling!
Pam A.: Thank you so much @mamas_flavours for the most perfect event yesterday- from the thoughtful snacks to the beautiful lunch with and Greek traditions. We had the BEST are amazing!!
Georgia A.: Thank you Maria and Mama’s flavours for an amazing time and for making this bachelorette party so memorable and unique!! Everything was so very well planned, organized and executed. Maria, the host, provided thoughtful gifts to all of us and snacks on the boat. The lunch at the olive grove was exquisite and delicious with amazing views of the sea. The food was amazing made with local, fresh products and the explanation of local wedding customs was a great add on. The boat tour was also amazing, barba Yianni our captain was awesome. The boat experience was a true Greek experience with a local captain, we felt comfortable and relaxed. Communication was top notch and we were so very well taken care of. Thank you, we wish you much success and look forward to booking one of your other tours on our next trip to Greece. This experience was far above our expectations, I highly recommend it!

Georgia, Panagiota & friends, Bridal party, USA - 16.08.2021

Tour: Boat Ride & Full Local Lunch in Messinia


Our answer:The words are too small to express to all of you my appreciation and my happiness for being with you that day…From the day we received your request, one month before, and once we knew this would be a special day for you, Mama’s flavours team started to organize your experience until the last detail. We really wanted to make your experience far beyond your expectations and we made it! Your words give us more strength to continue to do what we really love, thank you so much for your trust amazing girls!! We cannot wait to see you again soon!!


Nous avons fait un tour de Kalamata cet été en famille, dont deux adolescents, en compagnie de Maria et Vasiliki. Il s'agissait d'une demi-journée d'un tour gastronomique au centre ville. Sans cette visite, Kalamata, sans grand caractère par rapport à Neapolis par exemple, nous aurait complètement échappé.
Grâce à nos guide, nous avons pu entrer dans diverses boutiques pour en goûter les diverses spécialités, café, biscuits, huile, fromage, vin etc. (de quoi remplir l'estomac des jeunes) et pu parler avec beaucoup de gens sympathiques qu'il aurait été dommage de ne pas rencontrer. Notre visite du Péloponnèse en a été enrichie, merci.
English: We made a tour in Kalamata city this summer with our family, including two teenagers, and along with Maria and Vasiliki. It was a half day gastronomic tour in the city centre. Kalamata, which hasn't so special character, compared with Neapolis for example, if it wasn't this visit we would have missed it.
Thanks to our leaders, we visited several local shops and tried different delicacies such as coffee, biscuits, olive oil, cheese, wine etc. (enough to sate the appetite for the teens) and we had the chance to talk with a lot of kind people, who it would be very pity not to have met them. Our visit to Peloponesse was more enriched thanks to this Food tour, thank you!

Marc, Veronique & family, Switzerland -13.08.2021

Tour: Traditional Food Tour in Kalamata


Our answer:Cher Mark,
Votre famille et vous, vous étiez merveilleux! Ce fut pour moi et Vasiliki, notre traductrice magnifique, une belle expérience, un grand plaisir d’être avec des gens souriants comme vous! Merci beaucoup pour vos aimables paroles. Nous sommes très heureux que vous ayez passé un si bon moment avec nous.
Nous espérons vous revoir dans un prochain voyage et vivre ensemble une nouvelle expérience gastronomique en dehors de Kalamata aussi.»
English: Dear Marc,
Υou and your family were wonderful! It was for me and also for Vasiliki, our perfect translator, a nice experience with smiling people like you! We thank you so much for your kind words and we feel very happy knowing you had a great time with us. We would love to see you again and enjoy together a new gastronomic experience together in another beautiful place except Kalamata!


The Food tour in Kalamata was just excellent!! We really enjoyed the time spent with you discovering the excellent local specialties. We wish you all the best!

Manuel & family, Belgium - 26.07.2021

Tour: Traditional Food Tour in Kalamata


Our answer:Thank you very much for your nice review! My partner Vasiliki, the French translator, and I, feel very excited for this! We would like to see you again soon, to taste once again your most favourite delicacy of the tour: glyko tou koutaliou!!


We were very happy with the time of the tour, we saw and did so much and didn’t feel rushed!!
My wife and I took the food tour with additional wine, olive oil, and honey tastings. The tour was so much more than we expected. Maria was warm and very knowledgeable about Kalamata and its local products. This is the type of immersive cultural experience that we look for on vacation, where we get to interact with people and get both a literal and figurative “taste” of what it’s like to be a local. Last but certainly not least, the food was amazing. We learned a lot, ate plenty, and bought some treats to take back with us. One tip, don’t eat breakfast before the tour.
Thanks again for an amazing tour and best of luck with everything!

Eric & Andrea, USA - 24.07.2021

Tour: Traditional Food Tour in Kalamata


Our answer:We thank you so much for your nice review and we are very happy that you enjoyed the food tour and especially because it went beyond your expectations! We hope to see you again soon in Greece!!


Regarding Kalamata, Maria has wonderful energy, put in a ton of work and creativity, and was very generous with her time. We generally enjoyed the day. But, it was a bit too long (especially because of the heat) and not very cohesive.
D and I agree that she could vastly improve the tour by sitting down at the very beginning with participants and giving an overview – perhaps a history of the food of the region (maybe with a map), explaining up front where we’d be visiting and why, and what the schedule would be. Also, she should shorten it to 4 hours. I personally think it might have been even better if only Maria gave the tour on her own (rather than splitting up tour guiding with a second tour leader).

David & David, USA - 30.06.2021

Tour: Traditional Food Tour in Kalamata


Our answer:We thank you very much for your constructive comments about how to improve our Food tour. We deeply appreciated your comments and took them very seriously. Thanks to you, from now on, our Food tour has 2 Food maps and our visitors are extremely happy about this!!
Anna, our second tour leader, had to be there because that day was her training day. The thing is, when we see the happiness of our visitors on their faces it is extremely difficult for us to rush the tour sometimes!! You both were fantastic!


Our review would contain only the best. Exploring Kalamata and the Peloponnese in general was very exciting with Maria. Maria herself loves good food and ingredients and knows where to get them. The 4.5 hours were a perfect mix of historical facts, stories about the food and traditions and friendly contacts with local stores who sell high quality products to fair prices. Nobody expected you to buy something so the atmosphere was very relaxing. Thank you very much for this experience! Thank you very much Maria!

Claudia & Peter, Germany - 29.06.2021

Tour: Traditional Food Tour in Kalamata


Our answer:Dear Claudia and Peter,
Thank you so much both of you for your nice words! It fills me with great joy and energy to continue with what I love! You were fantastic and…very good students learning Greek so quickly! I also enjoyed it so much! Hope to see you again soon!


A fantastic cooking competition along with a famous Greek chef, under the Greek sun among olive trees ...Thirty (30!) amazing smiling faces, eager to learn and have a nice time! Delicious homemade food full of local tastes and aromas by Mama's flavours sealed the gastronomic experience!

Group of 30 guests, Greece - 24.06.2021

Tour: Cooking class & full lunch in an olive grove in Messinia


Our answer:It was for us a great challenge and pleasure to organize your experience and make sure that everything was absolutely as you wanted it. The perfect collaboration with our partners was the basic ingredient for this successful cooking class! We also enjoyed the whole experience, the cooking competition with the chef, your amazing mood and your smiles encouraged us and made us extremely happy with the result! Thank you very much for everything!


The olive oil tasting was fantastic! Giorgos and Maria introduced us to the olive oil world with enthusiasm and professionalism, answered all our questions and we liked it very much. Time went by quickly and pleasantly and we left with the best impressions and more knowledge about this unique gift of nature: the olive oil! Highly recommend it!

Adriani & friend - November 2020

Tour: Olive Oil Tasting in Kalamata


Our answer:Even though 2020 was a very hard year for all of us, we felt very happy when you quoted us for an olive oil tasting experience. That gave us courage and positive thoughts for the future, that things cannot be hard forever, they will change in any way for the better. Thank you so much for coming, we really appreciate it!


Thank you so much for the fabulous gourmet tour of Kalamata today, it was a wonderful experience!

Elizabeth C.B., England - November 2020

Tour: Traditional Food Tour in Kalamata


Our answer:We also thank you Elizabeth for your nice words! We love seeing the enthusiasm of our visitors during and after the tour, like you!


Greek Lunch
You should try it out! The wines were of high quality and very tasty! Of course the lunch was something that you cannot find easily to taste, except if you have a Greek mama to cook it for you! Maria our tour guide was also fantastic!!

Polianna - January 2020

Tour: Cooking class & authentic Greek Lunch in Laconia, Greece!


Our answer:Polianna, we thank you also for your kind words! We are very happy to hear that you enjoy it, as we did! We are looking forward to guide you to the rest of our beautiful tours!


A fantastic gastronomy tour with authentic people!! I loved it! Maria, our leader was great with her smile and her knowledge! Although Laconia region is something more than an hour from Kalamata, we did not get bored and she made our tour a great experience!

Eleanna, November 2019

Tour: Cooking lesson and authentic lunch in Laconia


Our answer:Dear Eleanna, thank you very much for your kind review! We also enjoyed the tour with you and we would love to see you again to our new upcoming gastronomy tours!!


Wonderful Day with lots of Greek tastes in Messinia!
Wonderful travelling and organised tour to one traditional Greek place in Messinia. All was planned and wonderful. The teacher as we can say, the food, the whole was an extraordinary experience for us. I am from Kalamata but I didn't know so much so it was a surprise for me to learn and taste new traditional food. I would highly recommend it. It is worth it every euro. Maria has done incredible work.

Niki & Giorgos, Greece – September 2019

Tour: Cooking class & authentic Greek Lunch in Messinia


Our answer:Niki, thank you so much for your nice words! Greek gastronomy surprises pleasantly not only the foreign travelers but the Greeks also!! We are looking forward to guide you again in our gastronomy tours, you can choose between Laconia and Arcadia next time!!


19th century cook books!!!
I would recommend it without any doubt! The Cookware Museum with its old books of 19th century (!) really impressed me! The two storey stone establishment was one of the most beautiful libraries I have ever visited! Maria told us about the local gastronomy of Arcadia and customs of the area, very friendly and so so nice!

Robert & friends - September 2019

Tour: Cooking class & authentic Greek Lunch in Arcadia, Greece!


Our answer:Robert thank you very much!! You and your friends were also amazing! When I do the tour in Arcadia, I sometimes wish I could work in this beautiful library and continue the great work they have already done! We hope to see you again in Kalamata!!


Gastronomy tour
All was awesome! The local people, our enthusiastic local guide Maria, who answered all our questions and kept our interest alive in the whole tour!! The women in the workshop were very friendly and with them we prepared delicious food!! Thank you all for everything!

Evangelos & friends - September 2019

Tour: Cooking class & authentic Greek Lunch in Arcadia, Greece!


Our answer:Evangelos thank you very much! We also enjoyed the tour with you! It is so great to see our travelers satisfied and happy after the gastronomy tour! We are looking forward to seeing you again in Messinia!!


Great tour!
Maria our tour guide is simply amazing from the beginning till the end of the tour! The view above the Castle was amazing! It was so beautiful to see an olive grove valley in front of you! Also the olive oil tasting was exactly as we expected it. Personally I loved the local delicacies!!

Nelly K. & friends – September 2019

Tour: Olive oil tasting & light lunch in Kalamata, Messinia, Greece!


Our answer:Νελλη Κ. Your nice words are very important for us! We have a passion of Greek gastronomy and we love to share it with fantastic persons like you! For a food lover like you, the Olive Oil Tasting in Laconia will also excite you, since we visit the Olive Oil Museum in Sparta! Hope to see you again!!


An exciting wine tour!!
A wonderful experience! The wine tasting was great and the wines were flavorful and accompanied with delicious local delicacies: the handmade pie was fantastic! Also, we liked very much that Maria introduced us to the local customs and Greek gastronomy during our tour! Smiling and very polite she made our tour a great experience, thank you, Maria!!

Nan C. – September 2019

Tour: Wine tasting in an organic Winery in Arcadia, Greece!


Our answer:Nan C., you and your friends were also fantastic! We love when we see young people search for interesting gastronomic destinations when they travel! And by the way, I can send you the recipe of the pie if you wish and send us photo of your labours! Looking forward to guide you to more tours!!


A..delicious authentic experience!
I love cooking and travelling in different countries for new tastes. This experience was one of my best! The cooking lesson with the local ladies had been for me a new great experience and sure I will come again to taste the Kalamata olives and trahana (a fermented milk pasta that Greek local women make in the summer!).
Maria, our tour guide was amazing and so friendly with us! I recommended it for anyone who travels to Arcadia and wants to taste authentic Greek food!!

Maria & friends – September 2019

Tour: Cooking class & authentic Greek lunch in Arcadia, Greece!


Our answer:We thank you also for your nice words Maria! It was a great pleasure for us to have you and your friends in our tour! And by the way, one more secret for your trahana soup to taste even better is to put a hint of biological turmeric. It will take a beautiful, golden colour and will turn it to a super food!! Hope to see you again soon!!


It reminded of my childhood years!
I love eating good food, especially when it is made from old traditional recipes of our grandmothers! The tour has exactly this characteristic, which impressed me! A unique experience for me!!

September 2019

Tour: Cooking class & authentic Greek Lunch in Messinia, Greece!


Our answer:It is so great to read nice reviews from happy travelers! My dear friend, our grandmothers innovated and used a lot of fantasy to create such delicious dishes and we love to hear that from our guests like you! Thank you so much for participated to our tour and we hope to see you soon!!


Amazing olive oil experience
So close to Kalamata and Ancient Messini this small village has its own interesting history! Thank you mama’s flavours for the tour, everything the service, the olive oil tasting, the treats were fantastic!!

Christina – September 2019

Tour: Olive oil tasting & light lunch in Kalamata, Messinia, Greece!


Our answer:We, thank you Christina for your enthusiasm and your interest for the whole experience! We always do the best to satisfy our travelers and the most important, to create to them unforgettable tasting experiences! We hope to see you also to Mama's Olive Oil experience to Laconia: The visit in the Olive & Olive Oil Museum will excite you!


Laconia Olive Oil & Wine tasting tour
We enjoyed it very much! Well organized, Maria, our leader, ‘’travelled’’ us into the past with her interesting narrations during the tour! Our visit in the Olive Oil Museum in Sparta in combination with the olive oil tasting gave us an all embracing icon of the great history of the olive in Greece!

September 2019

Tour: Olive oil tasting & Wine tasting in Laconia, Greece!


Our answer:Thank you also for your kind words! It is my favourite part of the tour when I share my personal stories with our guests! We hope to see you again!!


Hospitality and delicious food!
Laconia is one of my favourite regions to travel! During our tour, Maria told us about the exciting and very interesting history of Greek Gastronomy. Visiting the eco-touristic farm was something more than I expected! Maria, Fragkiskos and Marilena were absolutely professionals!
Very friendly, they explained to us about the ingredients of the recipe and revealed some secrets about how to cook the best gemista (stuffed peppers and tomatoes)!! It had so much fun! Definitely do it again, thank you guys!

September 2019

Tour: Cooking class & authentic Greek lunch in Arcadia, Greece!


Our answer:Thank you very much for sharing with us your love for the Greek gastronomy! I guess you were very excited since, by mistake, you selected the Arcadia tour in your review...! That means you definitely wish to live an another fantastic food experience like in Laconia! We are here to guide you to all our tours!

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